1. <wonder killer>

    "Boops" is two syllables, like in zoology. The first syllable is bow (as in a hair bow, not a bending-at-the-waist bow), and the last syllable is ops.

    Bow-ops, bow-ops. In a bucket.

    </wonder killer>

    #boops boops

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  2. kindasadandalwaystired:





    I am fire *pant pant* 

    I am death. 

    you ruined my life

    you mean improved your life

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  3. krys-arts:

    Final Line-Up

    Disney Ladies Typography Series

    Finally finished formatting these up! I had to design 10 icons relating to any group for my Design class using the Times Roman font. Hope you guys like them! 


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  4. #gay#LGBT#gay marriage

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  5. http://sexual-passion.tumblr.com/


    this is what i want…



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  6. chicken-mcniggletts:


    Aussie Builders surprise public with loud empowering statements in new Snickers Australia Ad.

    go australia

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  7. meladoodle:

    me after sex: hey how much xp did i just earn

    Hey Daniel, is this going to be a thing we can do when we get our RPG started? :)

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  8. https://www.flickr.com/photos/steoville/14735012543/

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    Self Destruction on Flickr.

    Facebook | Steoville | Instagram | Flickr | Behance

    #Stephen Ocampo Villegas

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  9. http://www.flickr.com/photos/noyereve/6427273769/

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    St. Lucy as a man

    This reminds me of the Swedish St. Lucy celebrations back home (as a member of a choir, I’ve been a star soldier every year since I was 7 or so, excluding this and last year) and a number of controversies regarding what a St. Lucy re-enactor is allowed to look like.

    Tradition has it that St. Lucy is a woman and by virtue of having been adopted as a more or less ultra-Swedish symbol, she has more often than not been pale as fuck and always blonde. Since I started singing in my school’s St. Lucy choir, however, the idea of St. Lucy as white, not to mention as a gendered being rather than merely a symbol of Christmas has been challenged, which I personally think is a great thing.

    The first barrier to overcome was the idea that St. Lucy, a Syracusan saint, had to be white and blonde. Granted, it was easy to go from a blonde to a brown-haired St. Lucy, but the year our school voted for a black St. Lucy, my school went ape-shit. The thing is, students at schools around Sweden elect their own St. Lucy’s much like I presume Americans vote for their home-coming queens and it was rather shocking to find ourselves in a row with the school board over the blasphemous in choosing a ‘non-white’ St. Lucy.

    In the end we won that battle and as a consequence we made it a point in having a non-white St. Lucy every consecutive year. 

    Not to mention that the national St. Lucy last year was a Latina, called Amanda Römmesmo Diaz.


    Our school, however, never had a boy that wanted to become our school’s St. Lucy, but the discussion did arise now and then and our school was far from the only one in the country where the strict, white traditional representation of St. Lucy was challenged.

    And this year an 11 years old boy called Loke from a school in Lund is continuing the fight.



    His wish to represent the pagan goddess / Catholic St. Lucy in the yearly St. Lucy celebrations, however, though supported by his fellow students, has started a rather contaminated debate about gender and traditions in my other country. Half of the school boards in Lund support him, whereas the other half states that ‘St. Lucy has always been a woman. Tradition states that St. Lucy’s a woman and while there’s no rule that forbids a boy from being St. Lucy, we simply won’t allow it’.

    When asked why, one of the principals stated that ‘St. Lucy could possibly be played by a boy, if he had long hair and looked like a feminine girl’. The journalist followed up said answer with a question about femininity, and was told that a girl with short hair couldn’t represent St. Lucy either, as ‘St. Lucy has to look like a girl’.


    Apparently a girl’s not a girl, unless her hair is long. 

    It is quite interesting to see how incredibly upset Swedes can get over something as irrelevant as the supposed gender or ethnicity of a Christmas symbol. If anything, St. Lucy is a symbol of the arrival of Christmas and nothing more and if a boy wants to play this role in what is an annual event, then why the fuck not.

    We need more people who dare challenge traditions, so I hope Loke finds himself dressed like this on the 13th.

    You go, lad.


    #St. Lucy#LGBT

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    No one is more excited about Batgirl’s new costume than Kara.

    Original available here
    More BGSG comics

    #Batgirl#Supergirl#Harley Quinn

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  12. http://boyselfies18-sfw.tumblr.com/content

    Dat smirk doh.


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    Filming a rainbow when suddenly.


    what the fuck

    The gays are angry

    the gays are angry 


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  14. http://xkcd.com/1397/

    "Your feelings betray you, especially for… SISTER?!??

    #xkcd#fleshlight#Star Wars

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