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    You get home from a long day at work and turn on the TV. It’s been a long week, so you think to yourself- maybe i’ll take the family to a movie on Saturday. Maybe we’ll even go on a vacation soon! We could visit museums and go to plays and see all sorts of fun attractions. 

    When you turned the TV on, nothing happened. There are no actors to entertain you. 
    When you went to the movie theater, nothing was showing. There were no advertisements to tell you that anything was showing, so you went to the theater to find out. Nothing playing. There is no one to film and create movies for you. Well at least your vacation will be fun, right? Not like there will be any plays to see and there won’t be anything in the art museums. 
    Well at least you have the shack you are living in that you made out of cardboard and sheets.

    Not like you could find an architect to build you a house with all the money you’re making as an engineer. 

    #i snapped my fingers in the Z formation

    fuck to the yes.

    I’m just happy English isn’t on the list and Drama ain’t #1.


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