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    Tiny fluttering wings. (by alexstoddard)

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  2. jasontank:

    The release. by Alex Stoddard.

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    Our mortal reality. (by alexstoddard)

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    Where you grow your home. (by alexstoddard)

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    i don’t need a parachute (by rosiehardy)

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    (by brianoldham)

    13,000th post! omg.

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    (by alexstoddard)

    I think this image is a testament to what one can do with not much to work with. I’d originally intended for it to be a more spectacular scene set in a dark forest with a lot of atmosphere and context. However, makeup and melting the wax onto the model’s head took a few hours longer than expected, so by the time we had finished, not only was the sun was already high in the sky (we’d started at sunrise), but with each step the model took, chunks of wax cracked off her head and fell to the ground. There was no way that she would be able to walk about a mile to the location, so, thinking quickly, I decided to shoot this in my backyard instead.

    Unlike in Georgia where it was a lush forest, my backyard now is a simple stretch of lawn lined with hedge-like trees. Very suburban. Very unlike my style. I was able to mask it all away, though, by running a fog machine and creating a mysterious atmosphere around the model and faking the smoke that might have blossomed from the fire that tattered her dress and brought this creature into being. In the end, I was happy with what I’d produced under the circumstances.

    #Alex Stoddard

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  8. alexstoddard:

    Lifeblood, Alex Stoddard. 2013.

    I love the one by the fountain most of all.

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    (by ~Jamus)

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    Alex Stoddard (by ~Jamus)

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  11. alexstoddard:

    I feel like I’m losing my identity.

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    Love Grown Old (by Rob Woodcox)

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    The animals. (by alexstoddard)

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    Studies In Escapism (by Boy_Wonder)

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    Hostile territory. by Alex Stoddard.

    Great. Now I can’t go to the beach ever again.

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