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  2. it strikes me as bizarre that nobody is connecting the dots here: in this age where everybody is freaking out about “bully” culture and wondering why the hell kids are so mean to each other in real life and on the internet, causing ripples of causalities, self-hate, and self-harm…can nobody see that if the world’s teenagers are watching their celebrities and role models TEARING THIS KID APART…that this is pretty much a par-for-the-course, acceptable way to act? it’s like a roman forum. it’s gross.
    justin bieber, “how dare you, amanda palmer?” (a poem by danny hillis). - The official website of Amanda Fucking Palmer.

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  3. letting yourself be imperfect and writing shit you know is shit is a good way to practice getting good. but our inner critics are so busy yelling “THIS IS SHIT! THIS IS SHIT!” that we have to simultaneously exercise the muscle of ignoring that critic and learn to tell back “I KNOW SHUT THE FUCK UP i’m DOING IT ANYWAY.
    – Amanda Palmer

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    so this is about as done as it’s going to get

    neil gaiman, in standard ballpoint pen, and amanda palmer, in sharpie (and gel ball roller pen, because i couldn’t find my ultrafine sharpie)

    i wanted to draw neil in fountain pen, ‘cept i don’t have a fountain pen, so I had to settle for ballpoint.

    (more like this)

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  5. amandapalmer:

    “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.‘ To this day, especially in times of disaster, I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.”

    -Mr. Rogers

    (a reminder….april 15, 2013)

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    SXSW MOMENT OF THE DAY!! i was with @jehanenoujaim & @karim_amer33 from @thesquarefilm. we couldn’t find a cab.
    i said to jehane
    “what we need is a flatbed truck to drive by”

    one did. I looked at the driver and didnt even think of flagging him down.

    last night jehane talked on stage about how the TED talk made her brave about asking for film funding. she ran up to the truck window at a red light and knocked - then she waved at me.

    the dude say yes.

    she hopped in the cab front seat and I threw my Uke and my body in the back. karim ran up the street and tried to jump in just as the truck was pulling away. it was dramatic.

    karim, who I hope to god invites me to hitchhike in Cairo someday, looked at me and said

    “I cannot believe I am hitchhiking in the back of a truck in Texas.”

    i told him how it was fucking JEHANE, not me, who got us the ride.

    we pulled up at the next light and a motorcycle with a guy driving and a girl on tw back pulled up behind us. karim leaned out the back of the truck and asked if the guy would take a picture of us. the guy said yes and karim handed over his iPhone.

    the light was still red.

    the iphone was on video. the motorcycle driver, deft with apple technology, shifted it to photo mode and took this picture.

    one second later the light turned green and the truck pulled away. the motorcycle guy still had Karin’s iphone.

    in a truly olympic-worthy moment, motorcycle dude lobbed the phone a full seven feet - MAD physics - velocity! gravity! laws of motion!!! - and it landed smack on the back of the truck.

    this is now my favorite photo in the entire world.

    I love my life.


    oh my fucking god


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  7. I had the most profound encounters with people, especially lonely people who looked like they hadn’t talked to anyone in weeks. And we would get this beautiful moment of prolonged eye contact being allowed in a city street, and we would sort of fall in love a little bit.

    And my eyes would say “Thank you. I see you.” And their eyes would say “Nobody ever sees me. Thank you.”

    – Amanda Palmer (x)

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  9. wherever you may be, and with whatever
    difficult family
    or long-lost friends
    or re-found enemies
    or new-found randoms
    or all-alone-meditating-with-a-bottle-of-wine-and-netflix
    you are…

    know that i’m there with you, grateful that you’re there.

    this time of year ratchets up everybody’s anxiety levels, and there’s always a lot of intense things to face.
    so may your next few days be filled with patience, compassion and joy in whatever form you most need it.

    yes virginia, we are all in this together. 


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  10. onesideofanampersand:

    hey look it’s me playing on stage with amanda palmer <3

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    I am putting this under a read more, because it is fucking long. But here is the story of how I almost played on stage with Amanda Palmer, and joined a private Neil/Amanda cuddle puddle in her dressing room afterwards.

    Read More

    And then you must read part two of that story. It’s epic, and I am SO jealous of and happy for him.

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    crowdsurfing during “bottomfeeder” at the new york city show.

    full review/more photos at http://suicidegirlsblog.com/blog/amanda-palmer-theatre-is-evil/

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  13. onesideofanampersand:


    Alex With AFP: a quest to fulfill a dream: An open request to Amanda Palmer: #AlexWithAFP


    ((To any tumblr users reading this: please tweet this link to Amanda, using the hashtag #AlexWithAFP. I’m determined to get her to at least read this. Thank you in advance <3))

    Dear Amanda Palmer,

    I have a request for you. Or perhaps it’s more of a proposition. I am coming to see you in London…

    start working on leeds united for piano. I’ll email you.

    oh my god oh my god ohmygodmyohmbdfiogdmfdgsknidfgkjdsf

    Dreams do come true!

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    post-north-carolina/carborro show photo of me with heather jingle meek’s tattoo as photo’d by @delanystorm, inspired by @cynthvonb’s artwork for the evening with neil & afp tour. I look about how I felt at the end of the show. ecstatic. and done.

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  15. Amanda Palmer - The Killing Type (by AmandaPalmerVEVO)

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